Back with a vengeance!


Wow 7 months since I last posted! It truly has been a busy 7 months however the message has not changed, we need change!



Change Makers Unite!

Hi All!

My name is  Emmah and I am an advocate for the education of women and children all over the world!

My blog is mainly dedicated to how online learning can help improve accessibility and the quality of education in developing countries and ultimately lead to reduction of poverty.

It is apparent that education is still a major area of concern in many developing countries indicated by poverty, literacy and mortality rates among many other measures. Government bodies employ different strategies to make reformations toward education and at times they do succeed but more often than not they fail. I will not dwell on why they fail but rather on the growing body of evidence that online learning can help to make education more accessible, empower learners and ultimately reduce poverty.

 Where there is interest there is education!

I found an interesting video that addresses online learning in developing countries. It is a series of online learning experiments conducted all over the world by Dr. Sugata Mitra a guru in the field of education!

However there are still problems to implementing these programs. Below is a video highlighting some of the challenges faced with trying to setup online learning in developing countries.


I guess there is some hope, but how is the biggest question! Which also leads to the question of  program success! If there is widespread success in implementation will the tools and methods for online learning used in developed countries be as successful in these different contexts? Stay tuned!…